The interdisciplinary Computational Vision Lab was founded in 2006 by Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar as one of the core labs in the Computer Science department at Ben-Gurion University. Its mission is twofold: to advance the state of knowledge about biological (and in particular, human) vision while at the same time to contribute to various aspects of machine vision, both theoretical and applied. To meet these goals, research in the iCVL is highly interdisciplinary, involving computational work with techniques from visual psychophysics and inquiry into visual neuroscience.

Join Us

We always look for excellent graduate students and postdocs to join the lab. If any of the vision sciences catches your imagination and research is your passion, please do contact us to tell us about yourself and learn more about the lab and its research.


Via train:

A very comfortable way to get to the BGU campus is via train, since there is a train station virtually on campus (a three-minute stroll from the lab), and a train arriving/leaving town once an hour. (For schedule see the Israeli Railways web site.) If you do arrive by train, please get off at “Be’er Sheva North/University” station(NOT Be’er Sheva Merkaz) and simply walk over the bridge to the university. At the gate you will see the distinctive Alon Building for Hi-Tech (Building #37) directly ahead of you.

Via car:

If you plan on arriving by car and do not have access to the BGU campus, please make sure to contact us ahead of time so we can process your gate permit. Coming from north, please take route 40 until Goral interchange and ocntinue straight ahead on route 406 into Beer Sheva. Turning left at light #5 (all lights in Beer Sheva are numbered) leads you to the main campus gate and once you enter it turn right and park in the big parking lot. The strairs next to the senate building will lead you to the upper level, from which a short stroll along the inner road of the campus will land you in the distinctive Alon Building for Hi-Tech (Building #37).


Campus map and additional directions can be found on the department web site or the BGU web site.