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Our Lab Log page is a historical log of all our news and events since the launch of the site in 2012.

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January 2023

  • Multi-Phase Relaxation Labeling for Square Jigsaw Puzzle Solving

    Abstract We present a novel method for solving square jigsaw puzzles based on global optimization. The method is fully automatic, assumes no prior information, and can handle puzzles with known or unknown piece orientation. At the core of the optimization process is nonlinear relaxation labeling, a well-founded approach for deducing global solutions from local constraints, […]


March 2021

  • Computational Polygonal Puzzle Solving

    Many real-life challenges can be abstracted as jigsaw puzzles –  the construction of a coherent whole from a set of unordered visual fragments.  Applications range from archeology and biology, through security and forensics, to direct image editing and many more and for this reason jigsaw puzzle problems have intrigued computer scientists since the 1960’s, The […]


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October 2016

  • New paper accepted for publication in ECCV

    B. Arad and O. Ben-Shahar, Sparse Recovery of Hyperspectral Signal from Natural RGB Images.

  • Square Jigsaw Puzzle Solving

    It is quite likely that you, the reader, have tried to solve jigsaw puzzles before. Could computers do the same once given the bag of pieces? This problem has been studied progressively (though sporadically) since the 1960’s, but only recently could algorithms began to handle problems of reasonable size at reasonable success rate. In 2011 […]

September 2016


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February 2015

  • Sweeper project launched

    Representative from the iCVL participated in the kickoff meeting of the Horizon 2020 project Sweeper. Meeting held in Wageningen, the Netherlands and included 6 groups from European academia and industry. Please see the Sweeper Project web site for more information.

January 2015


November 2014

August 2014

  • Hyperspectral Imaging from low cost sensors

    In contrast to most artificial and biological optical sensors, hyperspectral imaging systems allows us to accurately recover the full spectral profile of each point in the observed scene. This rich spectral information has been explored and exploited in many fields such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, agriculture, geology, environmental studies and in a wide variety of […]

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August 2013

  • New student joins the lab

    We welcome Gal Nir, a cognitive sciences master student, to the iCVL and the group. Gal, good luck!

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  • New award to lab member

    Congratulations to Boaz Arad for receiving the interdisciplinary research scholarship from the Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience


November 2012

  • New paper accepted to Journal of Vision

    I. Kadar and O. Ben-Shahar, A perceptual paradigm and psychophysical evidence for hierarchy in scene gist processing.

  • Archerfish Vision

    The archer fish (Toxotes chatareus) exhibits unique visual behavior in that it is able to aim at and shoot down with a squirt of water insects resting on the foliage above water level and then feed on them. This extreme behavior requires excellent visual acuity, learning, and tight synchronization between the visual system and body […]

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