Ohad Ben-Shahar member image
Ohad Ben-Shahare-mail

Principle Investigator

Rotem Mairon member image
Rotem Mairone-mail

Ph.D. Student

Peleg Harel member image
Peleg Harele-mail

M.Sc. Student

Keren Berger member image
Keren Bergere-mail

Ph.D. Student

Ben Vardi member image
Ben Vardie-mail

M.Sc. Student

Roy Toren member image
Roy Torene-mail

M.Sc. Student

Ilan Git member image
Ilan Gite-mail

M.Sc. Student

Elad Amar member image
Elad Amare-mail

M.Sc. Student

Yaniv Ohayon member image
Yaniv Ohayone-mail

M.Sc. Student

Michael Lellouch member image
Michael Lellouche-mail

M.Sc. Student

Gur Shalev Elkin member image
Gur Shalev Elkine-mail

Eitan program Student

Ofir Shahar member image
Ofir Shahare-mail

Eitan program Student


Boaz Arad member image
Boaz Arade-mail

Ph.D (2018)

Research Topic: Hyperspectral Imaging

Currently: CTO at Voyage 81

Efrat Taig (Dubi) member image
Efrat Taig (Dubi)e-mail

Ph.D. (2018)

Research Topic: Global Optimization with Gradient Heuristic

Ehud Barnea member image
Ehud Barneae-mail

Ph.D. (2018)

Research Topic: Object detection with contextual reasoning

Currently: Computer Vision Algorithms Researcher at Trax

Shir Gur member image
Shir Gure-mail

M.Sc. (2018)

Research Topic: A fully automated jigsaw puzzle solver

Currently: Ph.D. student at TAU

Gal Nir member image
Gal Nire-mail

M.Sc. (2016)

Research Topic: Multi-inducer grouping for curve completion

Currently: Ph.D. student at BGU

Ilan Kadar member image
Ilan Kadare-mail

Ph.D. (2014)

Research Topic: From Perceptual Relations to Scene Gist Recognition

Currently: Currently: Sr. Research Scientist and Team Leader at Cortica

Alik Mokeichev member image
Alik Mokeicheve-mail

Ph.D. (2013)

Research Topic: The geometry of color and its interactions in early and mid-level vision

Currently: Computer Vision Algorithms Researcher at eyeSight Technologies

Yair Adato member image
Yair Adatoe-mail

Ph.D. (2013)

Research Topic: Shape from Specular Flow

Currently: Chief Engineering Officer at Trax

Michal Shemesh member image
Michal Shemeshe-mail

M.Sc. (2012)

Research Topic: Free boundary conditions active contours with application for vision

Currently: Lecturer at BGU

Dolev Pomeranz member image
Dolev Pomeranze-mail

M.Sc. (2012)

Research Topic: A fully automated greedy square jigsaw puzzle solver

Currently: Chief Software Architect at Trax

Guy Ben-Yosef member image
Guy Ben-Yosefe-mail

Ph.D. (2012)

Research Topic: Curve Completion in the Tangent Bundle

Currently: Postdoc at MIT CSAIL

Rami Ben Ari member image
Rami Ben Arie-mail

Research Associate (2010)

Research Topic: Fast and Robust Visual Tracking

Currently: Researcher at IBM research in Haifa

Liana Diesendruck member image
Liana Diesendrucke-mail

M.Sc. (2010)

Research Topic: Overt and Covert Attention with Curvature-based Perceptual Singularities

Currently: Researcher at NCSA

Hadassa Daltrophe member image
Hadassa Daltrophee-mail

M.Sc. (2009)

Research Topic: Curvature-based Statistics of Edge Co-occurence

Currently: Ph.D. student at BGU

Maor Mishkin member image
Maor Mishkine-mail

M.Sc. (2008)

Research Topic: Hierarchical Multitarget Tracking

Currently: Team Leader at DVTel

Moran Hirsh member image
Moran Hirshe-mail

M.Sc. (2007)

Research Topic: Compact Texture Representation via Scale-space Dymanics

Currently: Software Engineer at Mellanox